Surprise, Yoko Taro’s new game has amazing art


Yoko Taro has a lot to be excited about. His last project, NieR: Automata, has been pretty much universally beloved. Whether that translates to sales in this very busy season (crazy isn’t it) is another thing, but Taro strikes me as the type of person who is more glad his work has resonated than anything.

But back to work he goes, this time on yet another uppercase/lowercase monikered game called SINoALICE. It’s only for mobile devices at the moment, but you can tell it has his signature mark, especially with the sword weaponry that resembles that of NieR. The teaser trailer’s music is also hauntingly beautiful — I love pretty much everything about this game already!

Although it was announced back in February, the teaser site has opened up a number of new facets if you’re interested.

Sino Alice [Square Enix]

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