Surprise, surprise: Bionic Commando to have achievements on the PS3

Speaking to Eurogamer, Ben Judd reassured the crew that Capcom was doing their best to make sure that PlayStation 3 owners wouldn’t feel like they were left out in the cold, achievement wise, while playing Bionic Commando.

In order to mimic the reward system of the Xbox 360 (who may have borrowed from Insomniac, themselves), Bionic Commando is set to offer up a similar experience using Sony’s own brand of achievements — trophies. According to Judd, these will be unlockable by meeting such requirements as defeating a certain amount of enemies in a row, or performing other “mini-challenges,” such as using the grapple to prove your acrobatic worth via back-to-back zip kicks.

However, Judd let it be known that behind all the Sci-Fi action of Bionic Commando is an underlying message and social commentary of sorts, involving man verses machine — and Spencer’s own self- reflection along the way. Yes, it sounds pretty deep to us to, but epic storylines are always a welcomed addition, right?

I’m still not sold on which version I plan on buying just yet (PS3/360), but if I were into the whole achievement thing — that choice would now be a little bit harder to decide.

[Thanks, Adam!]