Surprise, Pewdiepie’s channel deletion threat was a troll

It was a joke guys

Well, he technically deleted a channel, I guess.

So that obvious publicity stunt from top YouTuber Pewdiepie came to a close today, and after reaching 50 million subscribers, he revealed that the entire thing was a joke.

In the video below he claims that “media everywhere” reported his impending account death as fact, despite that nearly everyone thought that it was a joke or a troll, before deleting his alternate channel of Jack septiceye2. It’s a broad stroke not unlike a lot of traditional media paints for YouTubers that doesn’t account for context, so it’s fair game, I suppose! If Pewds is a thing you like, you can keep on liking him, and sleep well knowing that he won’t be giving up his millionaire status just yet.

Is Pewdiepie the Andy Kaufman of our generation? Slam that “subscribe” button and find out, guys. He’s going for 100 million subscribers next.

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