Surely the new God Eater project is a video game…right?

Not to be confused with ‘Dog Eater’

Bandai Namco released a new trailer for the new God Eater project that it originally announced back in September, 2016. The existence of English trailers essentially confirms a western release for the console title. Which consoles specifically, we don’t know yet. 

Bandai Namco producing a “God Eater project” on consoles with the 3D modeling seen in these trailers likely translates to “video game,” but something about the way they avoid the term “game” is slightly suspicious.

My backlog is the size of Olympus Mons, but the first two God Eater games rest near the peak. They seem incredibly fun, but when I don’t have a taste for Monster Hunter I wonder if I’ll love them as much as I envision.

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