Sure, why not: Trish Stratus involved with some videogame

RoundHouse Interactive has announced that former WWE super star, Trish Stratus, will be lending a hand to The Game Cartel. The Game Cartel is the industry’s first player conceived console videogame meaning that gamers like you can direct how the game turns out.

Never heard of The Game Cartel? Yeah, same here. It’s going to be revealed at E3 this week so I guess we can go check it out. Honestly, I saw Trish’s name in the press release and saw an excuse to post a gallery of Trish Stratus pictures. She’s so hot. She’s like female version of Jillian Michaels.

Roundhouse Interactive adds

Trish Stratus to The Game Cartel.

Toronto, ON, 26/05/09 — Renowned celebrity Trish Stratus will bring her entertainment experience to The Game Cartel, as it develops the industry’s first player conceived console video game. “We are so pleased that my good friend, Trish Stratus has become a part of The Game Cartel. She will bring a great new dynamic to our executive board.” Says Mike Montanaro of Roundhouse Interactive.

Trish, and other entertainment and gaming personalities will act as an advisory, reviewing user submissions and ultimately deciding which ideas will be presented to The Game Cartel member community for voting and approval. Trish is excited to take part in the decision making process saying “I am very happy to be a part of The Game Cartel. I’m looking forward to working with Mike and the other Game Cartel members during the game creation.”

Taking it’s inspiration from online games, The Game Cartel lets paid members conceive, develop and vote on the direction of select commercially available console games. The current game in development by our members & customers is a first/third person shooter game.

The game development will be officially launched to the public at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), June 2nd to 4th at the L.A. Convention Centre.

Hamza Aziz