Sure, we’ll take more free Star Wars Battlefront DLC

Another map and a survival mission

Former Star Wars Battlefront players may want to pop back in this week for a round or two.

DICE added some free content to the game today across all platforms, including a new multiplayer map, Survivors of Endor, that’s playable in the larger-scale Walker Assault, Supremacy, and Turning Point modes. It has a different feel to it than the existing Endor map. At least, I didn’t feel quite so surrounded. There’s also this gorgeous torch-lit, webbed-out cave that serves as a choke point.

The new survival mission is Rebel Depot. It’s an adaptation of an existing multiplayer map set on Tatooine, so don’t expect anything too fancy. You can get a nice look at the (binary) sunset, though!

Star Wars Battlefront March Update (PS4, PC, & X1) [EA] [Image credit: fengato]

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