Sure, I’d take a stroll through Pokemon Gold/Silver in Animal Crossing

Watch below for a lengthy walkthrough

People have been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons nonstop, crafting individual towns and bending the environments to their will, but some creations go above and beyond the call of duty.

This one, shared by Twitter user hinopika, is pretty insane. Not content with just making an individual city, they pretty much forged the entire spirit of Pokemon Gold and Silver into their island. In this lengthy two minute video they walk us through their town (which is perfectly located in the bottom right hand corner: great planning, as you can’t move the resident services building) and beyond.

By “beyond,” I mean a sprawling take on the overworld of Pokemon, complete with “cut” blockades, NPCs and even a lake with a “Gyrados” in it. As hinopika says on Twitter, “to my old friend Johto (the region from the second generation).” I’d absolutely visit!

Chris Carter
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