Supposed StarCraft 2 beta FAQ Zerg rushes the Internet

The contents of an alleged StarCraft 2 beta FAQ have been leaked to the Internet, providing details on the program which is said to launch later this month.

While the validity of the FAQS (contributed anonymously to StarCraft fan site, StarCraft Source), it certainly looks legit enough. I mean, it uses big words like “beta” and “test,” so it must be real. As for the contents of the FAQ, it reveals that beta testers will be able to play ranked multilayer modes: multiplayer ladder quick match (1v1, 2v2, and free-for-all), as well as unranked “custom matches.”

Interesting how the Blizzard has been able to get enough hype around their title that the launch of the beta is as exciting to gamers as the launch of an actual game. Let’s hope it lives up to the hype. (It probably will.)

StarCraft II beta FAQ leaked? [CVG]

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