Supplice raycasts it way to early access on PC today

GZDamn that looks good

I’m glad our community is looking out, since this one nearly got past me. Retro-engine FPS Supplice has been released on Steam Early Access today.

Designed by modders and built on the GZDoom engine, Supplice is the latest FPS looking to take you back to the days when 3D wasn’t made of polygons and enemies queued up to be exploded.

Currently, developer Mekworx is presenting Supplice’s first episode of five missions for Early Access. They’re attempting to release a new episode every 2-3 months until completion. Supplice has technically been in development for 14 years, but began its life as a total conversion of Doom. The team got ambitious and decided it was time to spin off into a full product.

I saw a few seconds of footage from the trailer and immediately recognized the exaggerated head bob from the Doom engine. That classic engine’s bones form the foundation of GZDoom, allowing for techniques that weren’t possible back in the day. Along with Supplice, another indie game called Selaco is utilizing the engine to create something both familiar and unique.

I love old raycasting engines and think it’s great that developers are utilizing them again. While they’re certainly more constraining than your typical polygonal 3D engine, they have a quality that is difficult to replicate. I’m hoping to see more like it going forward, as Ken Silverman’s Build Engine has also seen some love from games like Ion Fury.

Supplice is available on PC right now through Steam Early Access.

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