Suppertime of Destruction: New DLC for Snoopy Flying Ace

Snoopy Flying Ace is a terrific flight combat game. I feel like I have to reiterate this point every time we bring it up, because you can’t be blamed for thinking otherwise, at least initially. Its always nice to see a solid game get follow-up content, and that’s exactly what’s happening.

The “Suppertime of Destruction” pack (fantastic name!) includes some neat stuff: two new planes, one of which is piloted by your Avatar; five additional multiplayer modes (Dirty Boy, Turret Defense, Wild Woodstock, Team Wild Woodstock, and Top Dogs); three weapons; 11 pilot costumes; 30 plane skins; and three new Achievements.

You’re getting all of those carefully written bullet points for a mere $5. Here’s the link to queue the add-on up, for those interested.

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