SuperVillian Studios’ Order Up! comes with new Wii peripheral … a chef’s hat!

I received our review copy of the SuperVillian Games-developed Wii cooking title Order Up! this weekend, and was surprised to find that it came packed with its own peripheral … a chefs hat!

OK, fine — the hat itself serves absolutely no purpose when it comes to actual gameplay, but it is helping me get into the mood. Order Up! can best be described as Cooking Mama meets The Sims meets Diner Dash. So how’s that mash-up working out? I lost about two hours to the game last night, as I started my career as a short order cook in my very own restaurant, Gravy Chug. You’ll have to wait for our forthcoming review to find out whether that’s a good thing or not.

Pictured above is RetroforceGO!’s Topher Cantler trying to cut a tomato with a Wii Remote while wearing the Order Up! Burger Face chef hat. Want your own? Order Up! shipped to stores last week, and every single copy of the game is packed with a chefs hat. Brilliant!

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