Superhot, one of the best games of 2016, finally goes full meta

Time is never time at all

At long last, Superhot has gotten where it feels like it was destined for all along: Virtual reality. A game about a person in a nefarious VR simulation has finally achieved its full metanarrative potential by coming to actual VR. Nothing’s real anymore. Mind is software.

The launch of Oculus Touch is the reason for the leap from more traditional platforms to virtual reality. Not all VR, though; Superhot is exclusive to Oculus. It’s available for $25, or as part of a Touch launch bundle for $90 that also includes Space Pirate Trainer, I Expect You to Die, Kingspray Graffiti, and The Climb. Those who backed the Kickstarter can expect a free copy of the new virtual reality version.

There’s also a new trailer to commemorate the occasion. All that violence makes it easy to forget, but Superhot‘s actually something of a beautiful ballet — a wonderful waltz of mental preparation, slow-moving bullets, and enemies that crumble like Fabergé eggs. The classical music really sets the mood for all the shooting and slicing.

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