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SuperGroupies unveils line of cool (and pricey) Guilty Gear gear

Heaven (the items) or Hell (your wallet)

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Trendy Japanese label SuperGroupies has teamed up with publisher Arc System Works to release a new line of apparel based on slick ‘n’ sexy fighter Guilty Gear Strive. The Guilty Gear gear is available to pre-order now ahead of its eventual release in the summer and fall seasons.

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Regarding apparel, SuperGroupies has unveiled a slick model jacket, based on GG Strive poster boy Sol Badguy. The slim-fitting jacket (available in sizes M – XXL) is outfitted in black and red and is subtly embroidered with Sol’s insignia. The front pocket features the phrase “Fight Fire with Fire” and the jacket is labeled as if designed by “RIOT” — the top fashion label within the Guilty Gear universe. The Sol Badguy Model Jacket retails for $220 USD and is expected to ship in late-July.

guilty gear bags supergroupies

In addition to the jacket, a selection of four backpacks and tote bags are also available to pre-order, based on characters Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, Ramlethal Valentine, and May. Each bag features a design unique to each character, along with instantly identifiable color schemes for the knuckle-dusting heroes. Ky Kiske’s example is a hand-held tote bag, while Ram, May, and Sol each get backpacks. The bags retail for $170 each, and all four are expected to launch in August.

guilty gear watches supergroupies

Rounding out the collection is a fine collection of wristwatches, once again representing Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, Ramlethal Valentine, and May. Each watch face features a distinct design based on the respective character — so a regal look for Ky, a nautical theme for May, and so on. Each watch features three sub-dials, a real leather strap, as well as mottos and insignias that represent the chosen character. I’m heartbroken that there isn’t one for my main squeeze Testament, but they’re all pretty stylish. Each watch retails for $220 and is expected to ship in September.

Additionally, there are bundles available for matching character watch/bag combos.

You can check out the full range on the SuperGroupies website. Pre-orders for all items will close on March 5. Guilty Gear Strive is available now on PlayStation and PC, with Xbox to follow this spring.

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