Super Street Fighter IV’s price a ‘token of goodwill’

At a recent press event, Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono called the reduced price of Super Street Fighter IV “a token of goodwill” to fans that, perhaps, may have been turned off by the fact that this latest follow-up wasn’t a downloadable expansion. He called Super “an upgrade,” and of course, believes the game is worth the full retail price.

“I understand some fans don’t like us making this decision,” Ono told VideoGamer. “As a token of goodwill I’d like to say this is why we’re not releasing the game as a full price disc. I fully think it’s worth full price,” he continued, “but as a token of goodwill to the fans, and to say this is an upgrade of what they already have, we’ve gone for a slightly reduced price range. I hope that will satisfy the fans.”

Ono then echoed others by explaining that Super couldn’t exist as DLC. The proper hooks weren’t in Street Fighter IV, and as we’ve all discovered through preview and impressions coverage, Super does offer more than just an additional ten characters. It is it’s own game — and a cheaper one at that.

Ono: Super Street Fighter IV ‘worth full price’ [VideoGamer]

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