Super Street Fighter IV screenshots appear!

In an effort to write as many stories about Super Street Fighter IV before it’s officially announced, here’s another one — French Web site JV247 has some images now! (Yes, that’s their watermark on that image up there.)

The site appears to have received the images (and a logo!) from an anonymous source, and says that a trailer for the game will be available later today along with the official announcement. At the very least, Super Street Fighter IV will introduce T. Hawk and a female fighter named Juri into the mix. No word on what platforms this will be available for yet — is it an entirely new arcade title, or will this be part of a content update for the existing PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC versions? 

Oh, so many questions, and we’re sure they’ll be answered when we write the official announcement over the course of the next 24 hours. Because we like repeating ourselves. More images can be found at JV247.

[via Das Inchworm’s Cblog]

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