Super Street Fighter IV on sale at Gamestop, Amazon

In my earlier days I would go nuts, buying multiple games a month. It got to a point where stupid banks were giving me credit cards with crazy high limits, allowing me to charge up new games every week. I knew I hit a low point when I found myself buying a soccer game for the Sega Saturn on launch date.

I’m not like that anymore. I hang back, wait for prices to drop, and then jump on it if I still really want it. Such is the case for Super Street Fighter IV. I’ve played it enough already, and I know I suck at it, but I still want my own copy.

Today is a good day to pick that up. Gamestop has a crazy discount on the game, selling it for $27.99 (limit one per household). Amazon also comes close, and may work out better for Prime members with the no tax and the free shipping. It’s priced at $29.99.

[Thanks, Dr. Zero]

Dale North