Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will feature over 28 hours of music

Playlists for days!

The Super Smash Bros. series is known for having a massive collection of music, but the Switch entry is really living up to its “Ultimate” moniker. Not only is basically every fighter and stage coming back, but it looks like basically every song featured in the series will make a return. To that measure, today’s Nintendo Direct revealed that over 28 hours worth of music (spread over 900 tracks) will be available in Ultimate.

Instead of limiting songs to specific stages, though, themes will be grouped by the specific series they are from. Zelda was shown in the video, but this just means things like Mario stages will have a whole selection of Mario themes and etc. Each series will also have full albums available in the menu to select from. It means you won’t have to limit yourself just to hear your favorite tune, which is awesome.

Along with that, in portable mode, you can use your Switch as an MP3 player with Smash Ultimate’s song selection. Set up a custom playlist, put your Switch into sleep mode and carry the thing around like it’s 2005. I don’t think if I’d want to lug my Switch around to play music, but that feature is greatly appreciated.

Nintendo will be updating the official Smash website with new tunes every week up until launch. Since a lot of the remixes are fucking incredible, I’ll definitely be checking in to hear some classic themes re-imagined at every possible chance.

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.