Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is getting its first major update ‘within the next week’


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been out for a few days now and people already have their mains picked. As for me? I’m really digging Richter and will likely cycle him into my usual picks of Ness and Rosalina. But all characters are subject to change as we collectively freak out over an impending doom of an update: the incoming 1.2.0 patch that pops up as a news update after booting up Ultimate.

Here’s the full text for the in-game update: “Version 1.2.0 will be distributed within the next week. Once you update the software you won’t be able to watch replays made with previous versions. If you have any replays you want to keep, go to Vault –> Replays –> Replay Data –> Convert to Video. The patch notes will be released when the update goes live.”

Okay so we aren’t getting any hints as to what they actually involve (bugs, balance changes for individual fighters, stage tweaks?), but now you know that you need to back up your replays. Helpful!

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