Super Smash Bros. Ultimate boss says that the team struggled under the weight of its massive endeavor

‘Some stages took over a year to develop’

I think people are starting to realize that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate really is “Ultimate.” It has pretty much every bit of content from the entire history of Smash, and I can really see Nintendo just porting Ultimate at some point to the next system given how much effort went into creating it. Masahiro Sakurai, Smash boss and fountain of youth finder, shared a little extra info with Famitsu on just how grueling the process was.

For starters, some levels took “over a year to create,” something Sakurai partially blames on the Omega forms of stages, which “aren’t as simple as one might expect.” He also notes Nintendo’s mastery of compression (something I’ve touched on before), and how they were able to get the same results of the past with a “quarter of the storage.”

Interestingly Sakurai allegedly explains that he wanted to get this done with a limited team, and said team “struggled” with the project. As we’ve noted previously, Sakurai basically started the project under the condition that he could add anything he wanted — so not only did he seemingly accomplish this, but he also did it with self-imposed limitations.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is still set for a December 7, 2018 launch on Switch.

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