Super Smash Bros. Falcon Punches its way on to the Virtual Console in Japan


Next month, Wii owners in Japan will be able to download Super Smash Bros 64 through the Virtual Console. Unlike most other Nintendo 64 titles on the Virtual Console that sell for 1,000 Wii Points, Super Smash Bros. will run 1,200 Wii Points. The extra $2 charge is Nintendo’s “We know people will buy this no matter how much we charge” tax.

Hopefully, Nintendo of America doesn’t pull this extra $2 bullsh*t when Super Smash Bros. is released over here. The $2 “tax” happened with Ocarina of Time over in Japan too, but as Spencer pointed out over at SiliconEra, Nintendo of America released Ocarina of Time for the standard $10. SiliconEra also has a list of some of the other Virtual Console releases for the month of January if you’re interested in seeing what we may or may not be getting over here in America.

Regardless of what happens with the price, I think we can all agree on one thing: Captain Falcon is the best character in Super Smash 64. Period.

Hamza Aziz