Super Smash Bros. DOJO ready to be oogled, poked with sticks

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Following last week’s confusion regarding runes, numbers and other things that confuse Jim Sterling, (who?) we’re happy to report that the official site for Super Smash Bros. Brawl is up and running today, instead of 70 more days from now.

Aside from a rather impressive list of musicians contributing to this much-anticipated Wii title, there isn’t a whole lot to see yet. However, the site promises daily updates on weekdays, and there are button placeholders for characters, items and game modes. Something to keep an eye on if beating the crap out of your friends under the veil of classically-styled Nintendo cuteness is your cup of tea.

It’ll be interesting to see exactly how they work Nintendogs into the whole mix. If it involves huge packs of overly-excited puppies entering the fray to devour their master’s enemies, there will have to be legal action, as this is my own patented finishing move.

[Thanks to TehUberOne for the reminder!] 

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