Super Smash Bros. Brawl finally gets European release date

I have made no secret of my burning hatred for the bullsh*t that gets heaped on the European market by Japanese publishers, not least by Nintendo, whose decision to refuse Europe a release date for one of the most anticipated Wii titles of all time (out of like, two) was taken by many, especially myself, as a huge slap in the face. I don’t even care to play the thing, but principles are principles.

Anyway, the release date seems to have FINALLY been revealed, weeks after the US got their copies, months after Japan, and long after everyone has stopped caring about the stupid overhyped game. Aaaand if you thought it’d head our way any time soon, think again. Nintendo will see fit to grace Europe with Brawl‘s presence on June 27th. That’s a few days before July, which was the originally rumored release month. I guess an optimist could say that means we’re getting it earlier than expected. That person would be murdered shortly thereafter. After receiving weeks of conflicting, rubbish excuses, and Reggie Fils-Aime taking the p*ss out of them all, European Nintendo fans can finally play Brawl (legally) in the middle of the summer.

Thanks, Nintendo, you’re the greatest!


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