Super sensationalism: NY Dept. of Criminal Justice’s games slideshow

The New York Department of Criminal Justice has put together a slideshow called Video Games and Children: Virtual Playground vs. Danger Zone, and after watching it, you’ll join us in the hopes that non-gaming parents will never see this. 

GamePolitics has a pretty good rundown of the many holes in this video. While some solid tips for non-gaming parents are presented in the end, most of the 20-minute slideshow reeks of misinformed sensationalism and cheesy PowerPoint animations.

It draws on all of the gaming “horror stories” of the past years, and then throws in odd terms like “killographic” (referring to first-person shooters) and incorrect titles like “Grand Theft San Andreas.”

Lastly, they list a known hoax organization’s Web page as a resource. Nice going, NY DoJ.

Strangely enough, I did kind of dig their inclusion of Death Race as the “first violent videogame,” even though they showed footage a 1990’s version instead of the 1970’s original.

Hit the jump to see my favorite screen shot from this video.

[Thanks, JR] 

Sega Saturn? Game Gear? What, no 3DO? 

Dale North