Super Robot Wars X brings the crossover fight to Switch and PC in Asia on January 10

Heavens! Dimensions! We’ll pierce them all!

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During a livestream this week, Bandai Namco confirmed the release dates of the Nintendo Switch and PC ports for Super Robot Wars X. The game will be releasing in Japan on January 10, 2020. Shortly after, the Southeast Asia branch of the company confirmed that these ports will arrive on the same day for the rest of Asia, complete with English subtitles.

You can catch the new trailer below.

If you remember the details for the Super Robot Wars V ports that came out this week, then you know the drill.

All 20 DLC scenarios, which include getting C.C. from Code Geass a pizza, are featured by default. However, anything that was for first-run copies is still treated in the same manner. This means the prologue mission along with the mission that allows you to obtain Super Robot Wars veteran Masaki Andoh and the Cybuster after stage two will not be included in later runs. While the loss of former mission isn’t that big of a deal, the latter is, as it means you will not have Cybuster until after stage 34.

It’s also worth noting that the PC port of Super Robot Wars V is region locked. If Steam’s servers detect that you are not in that region, you will not be able to purchase it. The same thing will likely happen with Super Robot Wars X when it releases next year. If you are looking to support it and are not located in Asia, you’ll have to consider the Switch port or the already released PlayStation 4 and Vita versions.

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