Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: EF Exceed brings back boobs

Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier Exceed.

That name is ridiculous. So was its predecessor, SRTOGS:EF. No “Exceed.” I loved it though, and much of what I liked had to do with the really fun battle system. Truth be told, I also liked the boobs. Mammary glands were bouncing and flopping every way you looked in the first game, a DS RPG.  Judging by this new video called “Special Battle Movie,” they made no attempts to dial back the boob exposure in this upcoming Japanese release, set to drop later this month.

You’ll see over six minutes of specials, chained attacks and finishes. This video wasn’t made to show off the breasts, but you almost can’t help but notice them. There’s even underboob action for fans of that. Wait, underboobs and lollipop licking in the same animation.

Boobs aside, I’m hoping that Atlus USA is working on bringing this over. It’s looking great. Please, Atlus?

Oh, look: it’s MOMO from Xenosaga!

Famitsu has some new information and screens from the game.

Dale North