Super Paper Mario hitting the Wii this April?

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The ill-fated, quietly-shown title at E3 2006 that was set to be the Gamecube’s last hurrah may be coming to the Wii sooner than anyone had expected.

According to Codename Revolution, the March 2007 issue of Nintendo Power reveals that Super Paper Mario will be coming to the Wii in April. For those at home without calendars, that’s really soon.

To be released in APRIL! Mario finds himself in the interdimensional town of flipside as a black hole looms overhead along with floating math equations. You have to use the controller sideways moving the control pad and jumping with the 2 button (OLD SCHOOL!). A button allows you to switch from 2D to 3D and later in the game you’ll encounter creatures called Pixls that will give Mario new abilities that make an interesting use of the Wiimote. Tippy (a butterfly) allows you to search areas for secrets, you can point the Wiimote at the screen to spotlight hidden doors or learn info about the enemy. When you jump on an enemy, if you shake the Wiimote you can gain extra points. Game has graphical enhancements from the E3 build (the issue has new screenshots)

For what it’s worth, GameStop has the game listed for a June 2007 release. While its cancellation and re-birth on the Wii has been public knowledge for awhile, it’s nice to hear that we might get our hands on the game within the next few months.

Let’s hope we get some official information soon, because I’d actually like to buy a Wii game before next Thanksgiving.

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