Super Nintendo World is opening in Japan in 2021, but a Mario cafe and store will debut next week

The cafe/store arrives on October 16

The world is pretty crazy right now, with some theme parks open and some…not so much. But Nintendo and Universal are still moving full speed ahead with Super Nintendo World of Japan, having gotten back on the construction horse earlier this year.

Now the fruits of their labor are seemingly ready to be unleashed, as Nintendo has just announced officially that Super Nintendo World will arrive in Osaka City in the spring of 2021. But before that grand opening, Nintendo will cut the ribbon for the Mario Cafe and Store, which is scheduled to be unleashed on October 16.

At that point guests can buy various Mario merch, as well as “Super Mushroom Drinks” (in a collectible cup) and fruit cream sodas (with mustache straws). Mario and Luigi cap cookies will also be on sale, and the tagline that the store is going for is “Whose Cap?” Cheeky. We know who owns that cap.

There is still no real timeline for when the other two Super Nintendo World theme parks will be finished (CA, FL); but given the restrictions in California, that park is in for a bumpy ride if it intends to still open in 2021.

Super Nintendo World will open in the spring of 2021 [Nintendo]

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