Super Monkey Ball cheat codes turn the ball into a cube (or a triangle or a star)

Monkey, You’re A Star

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Monkey’s gonna keep a’rollin, just not as smoothly as usual. Some new Super Monkey Ball shapes add rough edges to the fun.

The PC version of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD has been updated with some cheat codes that put the titular monkey inside different geometry. Entering “cube” on the character select screen will replace the tried-and-true sphere with a cube. Likewise, “triangle” unlocks a triangular prism, and “star” unlocks a many-pointed star-like shape. The code phrases do not earn points for creativity, but they certainly get the job done.

Here’s a small snippet of how they look in action:

If that’s inadequate, here’s a much longer clip of how the cube plays, as teased back in December:

Put the monkey inside a banana. No, put the monkey inside another monkey. Do it, Sega. You’ve opened Pandora’s Box.

Code Turns Super Monkey Ball PC Into Super Monkey Cube [Kotaku]

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