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Did you see miss that charity live stream we did of Super Meat Boy on Saturday? Did you? I sure hope not. The whole thing was to help support Danny B., the composer for Super Meat Boy, in his efforts to raise money to fight Multiple Sclerosis. It was a big deal.

While we were streaming, Edmund McMillen (co-creator of Super Meat Boy) called in for an impromptu chat. He revealed some stuff about Super Meat Boy to us that you may or may not already know.

In case you missed it, I thought I’d recap the finer points of our chat for you. The information that I speak of lies beneath the words that you are reading right now. You must read the full story to see them for yourself.

* Edmund is currently working on some Gish-only levels for Teh Internets; the free DLC mode for Super Meat Boy on the Xbox 360. Yes, Edmund is still working on new free stuff for Super Meat Boy. Crazy

* The 360 version of Super Meat Boy will never get paid downloadable content. It will always be free.

* All of the bandage characters from the 360 version will be swapped out for new, PC exclusive characters. So far, two PC exclusive bandage characters have been announced; Mr. Minecraft and Captain Viridian.

* All of the warp zone characters will be back for the PC version.

* The exploding fanged demon’s in the hell level of Super Meat Boy were influenced by from the fang faced jerks from Earthworm Jim’s Hell level. The Beholder-esque enemies from the Purgatory level are called Oobs. In the original build of the game, they had the same A.I. as the Boos from the Super Mario series. If you looked at a Oob, it would charge you, if you looked away from it, it would leave you alone. Edmund decided to ditch this idea in the end.

* Edmund and Tommy Refenes do not think that I’m retarded for bringing up the idea of going episodic for Super Meat Boy on WiiWare, but they would never, ever go that route.

* Team Meat have discussed “several good options” with Nintendo for the Wii version of Super Meat Boy, and they feel confident that Nintendo fans will be “very happy” with the option that they choose.

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