Super Meat Boy hit with 40 free XBLA levels

Team Meat has unleashed the latest wave of freebies for the Xbox Live Arcade version of Super Meat Boy: two new packs, each of which contain 20 levels.

First up is Cramps, a collection of user-made levels. For the most part, they’re moderate in terms of difficulty and have some neat tricks. Of course, the other chapter, Expert Remix, is basically all of the levels that made you go “Thank eff! Never have to do that again” upon completion — except now, they’re harder.

As shown above, there’s a remix of one of Super Meat Boy‘s most sanity-destroying levels. Playing it is, from what I gather, not unlike having those hooks from Hellraiser pull your flesh apart.

Simply go to “Teh Internets” to access these chapters as always.

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