Super Meat Boy gets 20 free Gish levels

And they’re effing hard! Well, maybe not so much in comparison to the levels for the Kid or those Minus worlds, but still — they’re pretty tough. These new Gish levels can be obtained through Super Meat Boy‘s Teh Internets stage (unlocked by getting 20 bandages) and are available for free.

Team Meat also ran down some of the future level packs, and they sound dreadful … in a good way. Next month, we’re getting a chapter based on the original flash prototype for SMB and one with remixed levels from the main game. When they say “remixed,” they mean “made harder.” Oh joy.

The first quarter of next year will then see a Commander Video chapter, another designed for the Kid, and finally a collection of the best user-made levels from the PC version of the game. These guys are too good to us.

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