Super Meat Boy Forever has more levels in the first chapter than the entirety of Super Meat Boy

Let me clarify…

If you’re looking for a detailed preview of Super Meat Boy Forever, Peter has you covered. This post and video are more of a supplement to his post. I happened to stumble upon him playing the game at PAX, and before you knew it, we were chatting with Team Meat boss Tommy Refenes, level designer Kyle Pulver, and Dtoid’s own Rich Meister in a profoundly distracting way. Peter somehow still managed to get his assignment done on time, with glowing praise for the game no less. What a pro. 

We also got some additional details on the game from Tommy. He told us exactly how this new game manages to cram more levels into its first chapter that its predecessor had in its entirety. We also heard about the Cartoon Network animators he hired for the game, how this toughened up Meat Boy manages to run through broken glass with only a drained life meter to show for it, and the open invitation to Suda51 to consider a Super Meat Boy Forever t-shirt for Travis Strikes Again

Off camera, Tommy went even further, showing us a few cutscenes, some plans to implement the classic Super Meat Boy replay system in Forever, and The Betus, a new enemy that symbolizes Tommy’s longtime struggle with diabetes. It eats Meat Boy whole, but it can’t digest him because he’s 100 percent sugar-free lean cuts of meat. Instead of finishing him off, The Betus just moves forward in a daze until the player punches their way out of his maw. This makes this new foe both an obstacle and a means of transportation.

That’s just one of the ways that Super Meat Boy Forever takes a new spin with the Meat Boy mythos. It’s a real treat! 

Jonathan Holmes
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