Super Mario Run demos are in Apple stores today

Game launches December 15 on iOS

When Shigeru Miyamoto and Reggie Fils-Aimé visited The Tonight Show last night, their first objective was to let Jimmy Fallon show off the imminent Super Mario Run. One piece of new information came out of the interview; starting today, Apple stores worldwide will have demonstrations available for the upcoming app. Nintendo released a new advertisement on its YouTube channel just after the interview. It features people running, performing light parkour moves, and coming together to celebrate with a CG Mario in New York’s Times Square .

Super Mario Run was announced at Apple’s conference in September and quickly became one of the most anticipated games in the app store. Over 20 million people signed up to be notified when Super Mario Run releases. Today, they’ll get their first chance to try it out. While the game will be exclusive to Apple devices at first, Nintendo has confirmed that it will be available on Android devices eventually.

Fallon’s show was the first time live gameplay has been shown, and I have to admit it’s piqued my interest in Mario as an endless runner. It looks like each level will have five special coins to collect as well as multiple paths and secrets to find. At ten bucks, Super Mario Run looks as though it’ll offer a lot of value for the money. Forgive me, Apple folks, but I hope that timed exclusivity doesn’t last very long.

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