Super Mario RPG Ultra Jumping onto the Virtual Console in Japan

Spencer over at SiliconEra has just made me the happiest person on the planet today. In fact, I dare say I’m happier than Chad Concelmo right now. 
Spencer found a list of some upcoming Virtual Console releases for the next two months in Japan. There are a bunch of games on the list, which include Phantasy Star IV, Blazing Lazers, Ninja Commando and the biggest game of the bunch, Super Mario RPG. Super Mario RPG is planned to come out sometime in July and will go for 900 points instead of the regular 800 points most Super Nintendo games are priced at.
OMG! OMG! OMG! Sorry, but seeing any type of news about this game this day and age brings out my inner fanboy. This is my favorite game of all time and I’m just floored by this news. Not to mention the fact that Square is letting a high profile RPG come out to the Virtual Console finally. Could Chrono Trigger be on the horizon?
No word on an American release, but I’d be willing to give up one of my Kidneys for this to come out here. Super Mario RPG did get an ERSB rating at some point, so the day could come when it’s finally released here. 
[Thanks, power-glove!] 
Hamza Aziz