Super Mario Odyssey has a limited co-op mode

Cappy takes flight!

Similar to how Super Mario Galaxy handled multiplayer, Super Mario Odyssey will feature a co-op mode that lets player two take control of Cappy, Mario’s now sentient hat. When active, Cappy will float around the environment separate of Mario and be able to collect various pick ups as well as defeat enemies. Cappy will also be invincible, because he’s a bad ass like that.

The game’s director, Kenta Motokura, said he was inspired to create this feature due to the Switch supporting two players straight out of the box. While I do love that feature, I’m not sure it will work well in a fully 3D platformer where camera control is tricky. Apparently both players can manipulate the camera with the split joy-con, so maybe its not that big of an issue.

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.