Super Mario Maker is getting Splatoon’s Squid Sisters next week

July 5

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Nintendo hasn’t even hinted at when we’ll see the end of Super Mario Maker, but the end of Splatoon is nigh. It’ll kick off with a massive series of events in July, which will bring the last Splatfest, a concert, more amiibo, and now, the appearance of the Squid Sisters themselves.

You can get a brief look at the duo below — to unlock both, you’ll need to complete their event course twice. The character DLC will launch on July 8. Just a tad before that on July 5 will see the release of a balance patch (2.9.0), which will fix some effects and bugs.

I’m constantly thinking about how much Nintendo could improve this game with just a few simple tweaks. I mean slopes, for one, would go a long way and create some really interesting concepts (I can see all the “race” stages now). Even adding in a new full-on theme, like a whole hog Mario 2 DLC for $4.99 could be a huge hit if done right.

Either way, many speculate that Nintendo sees the potential of the Maker series, and is saving new iterations (a Zelda version is rumored) for the NX. It’s sad that the Wii U situation is so dire that the publisher is basically giving up on it.

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