Super Mario Maker 2’s level cap has been increased yet again to 100

Go crazy

Super Mario Maker 2 was released last June. Feel old yet?! No? Good. True youth is contained in the soul.

Nintendo, like they have been with nearly all of their first-party games, have been updated Mario Maker 2 every so often with great free enhancements, and this week they have another minor patch in store for us.

As of today the level cap is now increased from 64 to 100. It’s a simple change, but a welcome one for folks who can’t stop making levels and want to keep all of their old creations. As a reminder, this is probably the “one more time” update Nintendo was talking about way back when. Unless they change their mind, this is the last level increase on the docket.

In other news, folks have uploaded over 10 million playable courses to Mario Maker 2. Quite a feat! I’m sure that number will increase exponentially over time due to the aforementioned change.

Chris Carter
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