Super Mario Land 2 lives on in an unofficial DX colorized form

A ROM hack

The Super Mario Land series is pretty special to me. Played countless times on car trips (along with the first Kirby game), I had every level burned in my mind, but most of the people I knew only played the “main” console games. Super Mario Land 2 was also a bit of an odd duck on its own, but 25 years later, fans have preserved the memory of the 6 Golden Coins with a colorized ROM hack.

Known as Super Mario Land 2 DX (as was customary for Game Boy Color games with official Nintendo nomenclature), it’s basically the same thing just with full color (not the re-purposed broad hues that would be found on Super Game Boy and the like). Its creator Toruzz just dropped a new trailer to gander at, which you can check out below.

Chris Carter
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