Super Mario Galaxy available: Best Buys break street date

If you want it, here it is, come and get it, but you better hurry cause it’s going fast. Rumors about the purported release of Super Mario Galaxy are scorching the internet tonight like a California wildfire. In particular, the GameFaqs’ thread on the cosmically inclined plumber’s new adventure is poppa loppin’ with hot tips on where you can pick up your own copy, today. Best Buy seems to be your best bet at the moment with beleaguered retail foot soldiers neither caring about nor understanding the policy of street dates on high profile titles.

Unfounded rumors like this happen every time a big game slouches toward the Bethlehem of our entertainment centers. But I do recall an incident in recent memory in which Toys “R” Us let some copies of Bioshock trickle out early to meandering misanthropes with the insistence and skill to properly badger their employees. I’m tempted myself to stay up all night and go blow my Christmas shopping money just so I can snag a copy. Sorry, family. Looks like coal in your stockings again this year. You know I love you, right? Who can blame me when there’s a new Mario game to play … in outer space!

What do you think? Is all the hullabaloo true? Are you going to assault your local electronic stores in droves when they open this morning, or are you too busy with your nose to the grindstone inside the aperturistic  delights of The Orange Box? If you succeed, please share your triumph with us. Pics or it didn’t happen.

[Via GoNintendo

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