Super Mario Bros. with current gen sound effects is gross

I’m one of those weirdos that never really liked realism in videogames. Well, outside of racing games, that is. Videogames are fantasy, and are supposed to be an escape. They’re not virtual reality. But this is a rant for a different time.

A friend of mine put current day realistic sound effects to a game we all know and love , Super Mario Bros., the classic NES pack-in. This was part of Jake Kaufman’s demo reel, and it helped him get hired at Volition. Now he works at WayForward, though. 

The result mixing Mario and real sounds is both cool and gross at the same time. Guttural injured sounds and real footfalls turn me off when it’s one of a gazillion ARMY MANS running across a brown field, but somehow it’s pretty funny when ol’ 8-bit Mario is on screen. Oh, and I love the pipe warp. 

Jake says he’s working on PAC-MAN and Tetris next. I have a feeling that PAC-MAN will be really gross.

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