Super Mario Bros: The Movie gets re-released on DVD

I’ve been ranting for a couple of weeks now about how Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is the first true videogame movie. I hope it’s not the last. I’d love to see Edgar Wright, or someone else who respects the language of videogames, make a new Super Mario Bros. movie, preferably with a Super Mario Galaxy twist.

Until that time, we’re stuck with the Super Mario Bros. movie that exists now. According to the box cover, “It aint no video game! It’s a live-action thrill ride!” Too bad I like videogames more than live-action thrill rides. That said, the movie still has its charms. Dennis Hopper has Max Headroom hair (probably because the movie was directed by the creators of the Max Headroom TV show) and he gets a courtship scene with Daisy that’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Only Tim and Eric even come close.

Those scenes are probably why the movie is being re-released; Dennis Hopper died recently, so his stock in the movie world is temporarily on the rise. Somehow I doubt that this is the role he wants to be remembered for.

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Jonathan Holmes
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