Super Mario Bros. tattoo makes this guy the new Steve McQueen

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Gaming-themed tattoos are a dime a dozen these days. Ever since the socially inept decided to infuse themselves into popular culture with threats of holding back their mathematical skills and self-esteem lacking womenfolk, every strata of fashion has become more and more ironic. Unsurprisingly, the crossover between traditionally geeky gaming and traditionally hardass body modification was inevitable. Most of these efforts are pretty tame and have been the sort of gaming blog fodder you’ve see Kotaku using for filler on particularly slow days ever since Gawker decided they needed to compliment their blog about “manipulating your joystick” with a blog about manipulating your joystick, but a few stand out.

The above photograph — sent in by Chris Person from a BME link — is so damn hardcore as to be the gaming equivalent of the sort of prison tattoos you’d see adorning the throats of guys named Machinegun Kelly (assuming the ironic-as-cool movement has penetrated our correctional institutions as well), or Pig Stabber. While the Triforce tattooed on my arm is an instantly recognizable token of shared history for most people who see it (read: pretty girls), that thing up there is the sort of art that proudly proclaims “I beat 1-1 and I’ll f&$^ing shank you in the yard if you ask me about the Tanooki suit!” 

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