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Sometimes, I think people who weren’t around during the peak of the Nintendo craze don’t know what they missed out on. Back before Nintendo realized the real, long-term value of franchises like Mario and Zelda, it seemed like they were up for damn near anything when it came to licensing their products.

Case in point: The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. It’s one of the stranger (if possible) game-centric Saturday morning series. Shows were a combination of cartoons cut with live-action sequences starring recently-deceased wrestling legend Captain Lou Albano in the role of everyone’s favorite plumber. They were nothing like what you’d find in the games, yet I remember them being oddly charming.

Which is why I’m not going to watch it on Netflix. I’ve had far too many of these series ruined in my memory by going back to them. I’m probably better off knowing that it’s pretty lame without actually having to go and experience it again be aware of exactly how lame.

If you’ve never watched it beyond the series’ infamous closing scene, however, you might want to do it just for the historical perspective.

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show [Netflix]

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