Super Mario 64 Plus is a fan-enhanced port of the classic with permadeath


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Will I ever get sick of Mario 64 fan projects? Probably not.

It’s an absolute classic. You know it. Nintendo knows it. It has a banger of a soundtrack and timeless level design, in a digestible format. From launch to the current era, it’s one of the easiest 3D Mario games to just pick up and play “for a few stars.”

The modding community knows all of this too, which is why they try and keep the spirit of the game alive on a constant basis. Take this project from Mors for example, which aims to provide a 60 FPS PC port of Mario 64 with the added wrinkle of permadeath.

Mors also promises “more responsive controls, an improved camera, extended moveset, and the ability to continue a level after getting a star (!).” The permadeath mode is incredibly intriguing, as it’s such an easy way to issue a blanket gauntlet challenge to your childhood friends.

“How many stars can you get before you die?” It’s so simple, yet compelling. Given that I own the Nintendo 64 version, the DS edition, and now the Switch collection: you know I’m always down for a good Mario 64 challenge. It’s one of my most-raced games with friends.

Super Mario 64 Plus – Release Trailer [Mors via Nintendo Life]

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