Super Lucky’s Tale quietly got some pretty decent DLC today

$5 for a couple hours’ worth of entertainment

Super Lucky’s Tale, a decent puzzle platformer that was maybe a touch too simple and repetitive, got a nice little add-on today that’s perfectly in-line with what this game is. Gilly Island is a new world made up of three levels and one boss, and it’s priced at $5. 

The premise is that Lady Meowmalade, a pop star of sorts, is making too much racket for the island’s residents. So, it’s up to Lucky to blow up her speakers and restore the dang peace and quiet. He also has to unfurl some sun umbrellas and sink a pirate ship. Trust the process.

Gilly Island brings nothing new to Super Lucky’s Tale aside from the settings and characters. It plays like a greatest hits of all the same tricks in the base game — and “greatest hits” is generous because it’s really more like “only hits.” Anyone who played Super Lucky’s Tale knows what I mean. There are the same sliding blocks, the same four clovers on each level, the same 2D-type levels, the same ghost platforms, the same — you get the picture.

But here’s the thing: It works when it’s removed from the experience of the rest of Super Lucky’s Tale. Gilly Island is a fine way to revisit that decent puzzle platformer I described in the first paragraph. Without the monotony of a kind-of-shallow game overshadowing everything, this add-on is a relatively cheap way to spend a couple of hours. But, anyone who’s adding it on top of the rest of Super Lucky’s Tale might find themselves frustrated by a mounting list of the same tasks.

[This impressions piece is based on a retail build of the add-on provided by the publisher.]

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