Super Hero Squad Online gets expansion and new trailer

The disturbingly cute Marvel MMO — Super Hero Squad Online, which came out in May, is fooling around with the dark side in its new expansion. Villainville gives players the opportunity to take on the role of some of the naughtier, but still adorable, characters. Dark Surfer, Red Hulk, Iron Patriot and Red She-Hulk will all be available to perform “evil” deeds and generally get up to mischief.

The expansion provides a new city to explore, but more importantly, to beat people up in. When players are sick of all the cartoon violence they can participate in a spot of card collecting. Build up your deck and fight your friends, they probably deserve it.

If you decide to venture down into the city of Villainville’s sewers, more than likely a popular tourist attraction, feel free to pop over to Doctor Doom’s secret lair for a chat. Why is he living in a sewer? Because he’s a hideous freak, that’s why. Everyone’s favorite floating monstrosity, MODOK, will also be available for a round of beat up the villain. Abomination, the one that looks like a cross between Hulk and the Kraken, has also been revealed as a boss. He’s hideous, so he really does deserve to be smashed into oblivion.

The MMO remains free to play, so even if you are a cynical adult you may find it worth a couple of hours of your time. Or just use it to distract your children.

Fraser Brown