Super Guide will be in Donkey Kong Country Returns

While my memory is a little foggy on the subject, I do recall there being some very frustrating portions of the Donkey Kong Country games. It was a simpler time, of course, and I would have either soldiered on through or abandoned the enterprise in favor of something fun. Both probably occurred in equal measure.

But things won’t have to be that frustrating in Donkey Kong Country Returns. The series’ revival will be featuring Nintendo’s “instant-win” feature, Super Guide. IGN reports that players will be given the option to engage Super Guide upon dying 8 times in the same level. The level is then played for the player using a white Donkey Kong called “Super Kong.” Anything collected once the mode has been activated won’t go into your collection, however.

What’s pretty cool about this is that you can interrupt Super Kong’s run at any time and take control of him. That means that if you’re really only struggling with one small section of a level, you can still have the experience of playing the rest of the stage. Nifty!

Donkey Kong Country Returns: Diddy’s Day Out [IGN]

Conrad Zimmerman