Super Bowl Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer brings back ‘Super Show Rap’

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Make Captain Lou Albano proud

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During the weekend’s Super Bowl LVII festivities, production studio Illumination rolled out the big bucks to present fans with a brand new trailer for its upcoming release The Super Mario Bros. Movie — And this latest preview was a real treat for old-school Nintendo fans, as it featured the return of the “Super Mario Bros. Rap”.

For folks younger than my aging self, the Super Mario Bros. Rap featured as the title music to the choppy (it was) animated series Super Mario. Bros Super Show, which originally aired way back in 1989. The show was famed for producing short, rubbish adventures, which were sandwiched between some wild, live-action bumper segments. These moments famously featured WWE star Captain Lou Albano as Mario and Canadian actor Danny Wells as Luigi. Once, Elvira showed up, though the Mistress of the Dark is yet to make her official Mario game debut. Sadness.

The new Super Bowl ad features the rap as a backing track to a “Real World” advertisement for the Mario Bros. plumbing services, promoting their fast, speedy, and low-cost pipe repair. This then gives way to a new montage of clips from the upcoming movie, with a look at some fun and familiar platforming sections, a Smash Bros.-style showdown, and, of course, a ride down the Rainbow Road. The Super Mario Bros. Movie stars Chris Pratt as Mario, and will also feature luminaries such as Anya Taylor-Joy (Peach), Keegan Michael-Key (Toad), Jack Black (Bowser), Seth Rogan (Donkey Kong), and Charlie Day (Luigi).

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is scheduled to launch in theaters in the UK and Europe in late-March. It will premiere in North America on April 7. So far, it’s looking to be a perfectly fun piece of entertainment.

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