Super Bomberman R’s input lag and smooth online update is out

Version 1.2

Super Bomberman R could use some fundamental improvements when it comes to its campaign and multiplayer arena selection, but for now, you’ll have to settle with some performance tweaks. Konami has announced that version 1.2 is now live, which includes more stability for online play, and input lag enhancements for all modes.

Hopefully at some point we get some free DLC. I mean it’s Konami, so in the back of my mind I was kind of assuming this patch would even cost money, but a man can dream. Some crossover/guest characters would be pretty great, as would some new levels, or even nostalgia DLC from past games.

They could also capitalize quite a bit on the speedrunning community if they cleaned up the story mode a bit and added in a special mode to cater to runs, like many retro-centric games have in recent years. Free ideas, Konami!

Version 1.2 [Konami]

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