Super Bomberman R, former Switch exclusive, might be getting a PS4 port

A Korean rating suggests so

Super Bomberman R was a rare recent showing for Konami. Despite its outrageous price it was a pretty fun game, didn’t have microtransactions, and doled out a ton of free content after its launch.

At this point a lot of Switch owners have picked it up via the bargain bin, but now non-Switch owners might be able to get in on the action. According to the Korean Ratings Board, R is now bounding off the Switch and is PS4-bound.

It’s weird to see Bomberman bouncing around so much from place to place, starting life on various PCs, then heading to Nintendo platforms for a long while, then making its home on the Xbox Live Arcade before going back to Nintendo. At least he’s still around!

Super Bomberman R []

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